Our Story


Kim Shanahan--owner, creative director and lead wedding planner of K&K Events--has always been artistically and creatively driven. For eleven years she designed and created costumes for dance studios and theatrical productions all throughout Northwest Ohio. When her daughter, who is a dancer, went off to college she continued looking for the next creative endeavor. Then on May 8th, 2013, her daughter Kayla called her to tell her the big news--she was engaged! Immediately, Kim focused her design experience and artistic eye on Kayla's visions for her wedding. She assisted her daughter with the overall planning, decor visions, and design execution to fashion the vintage-chic wedding of Kayla's dreams.


It took eighteen months to create the entire wedding, but the results were breathtaking. Throughout the planning and design process, Kim discovered there was nowhere to rent these items which is what led her and Kayla to purchase and make the decor themselves. Kim and Kayla made everything from their own artistic visions. From the programs, seating cards, and invitations to the centerpieces, fresh floral arrangements, burlap flowers, pearl chair backs and other vintage decor; it was all stunning! They even made the bridesmaids' dresses, vintage photo booth, candy buffet and a rustic cake stand. On the day of Kayla's wedding--August 15th, 2014--not only did two lives become one, but K&K Events was born.


Kim's love for design and decor turned her business dreams into a reality. K&K Events has continued to evolve into the business you see today.  We have added amazing coordinators, designers and planners, building an award winning team. We offer unique services combining the best planners and designers along with our month of coordinators, to provide a stress-free day for you and your family. K&K's goal is to take your vision combined with our creativity to originate a romantic dreamscape of the best day ever!